Is there a way for me to see who all are in or to see the federated timeline of I do not want to sign up there again.

@anoop You can already interact and see everyone from that site. Just follow the people your interested in.

@freemo How to find people if I don't know the handle? As of now, I only see the conversations from people I follow. Was wondering if I have a way to see the federation post like I see the federation posts.

@anoop You can search for "" in the search boxx and it should list people. The number of search results are limited right now but ive been thinking about increasing it for that purpose.

@freemo What i was looking for is a way to see the Federated timeline of in a tab like I see the same for, so that I can see what is happening and can take part in conversations which i like.

@anoop I dont think that is possible though I heard you can do it on one of the android apps

@freemo Thank you! Meanwhile, let me make myself more comfortable @ :-)


@freemo Just one more question - is there a way to filter posts in federated timeline by language? For example, I would love to see only languages I can understand.

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@freemo Thank you - got it and Duh! It was too easy. Reminds me - I need to invest more time here before asking for help. :-)

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