Stated my Sunday with GoRun Bangalore winter edition. Did 10K in 56.15 minutes, not my PB, but considering the route, it was really good. 3K inclines in 10K, and that too, good gradient changes.Phew!.
Then, went to Comic Con 2019 with my son.
Rounded off the day with watching Ford vs Ferrari with my son. Oh! What a movie. Have captured the grit and the determination and the battles really well. Even though it was a Ford movie, those glorious sound tracks made by Ferrari in the LeMans - Love it!

@anoop Well done, Anoop!

I was glad the sun was shining and I able to go out for a bit. It's Winter here, and snow came early, but the sunny weather made me feel a bike ride was ok. I enjoyed it, being careful with the spots where snow had been packed into ice, no incidents/falls thankfully.

Way to go! ㊗️

@design_RG Awesome. It's a pleasure when the sun is out and happy to hear that you got some quality outdoor time. Out if curiosity, when you say bike, is it a bicycle or a Motorcycle?

@design_RG Ok, got the info from your profile 🙂

@anoop Yes, bicycles. I had motorcycles in the past, but it's been a long time. 😄

@design_RG Ah! I love riding motorcycles and have done a bit of bicycle riding in the past.

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