I don’t want to be the guy that uses ChatGPT for my resume but I really do feel like I’m tying a hand behind my back if I don’t.

@anson would love to hear more about your prompts for the CV thing, i’m thinking about that today , too 🙂

@tonic you can literally drop your resume and a job posting in and ask it to make you a cover letter. You can be pretty natural with it too and say things like emphasize point x in the cover letter more and it’ll do a really good job with it. I find the more conversational and natural you are with it the better it performs

@tonic confused as to why you would use that website instead of the official for free?

@anson just a nice prompt for folks that works is all

@anson I think that’s why the chatter is free. Can you imagine the soul-sucking it is doing?

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