I just noticed @alex copied QOTOs rules/about page when he wrote the gleasonator about page. I dont mind of course, I am glad he found them valuable. A lot of servers seem to replicate our rules in fact, its an honor if anything.

I'm glad he fund it valuable.

@freemo It’s clear and simple, and a modified version has actually been the default in Soapbox for about 2 years! https://gitlab.com/soapbox-pub/soapbox/-/blob/develop/app/instance/about.example/index.html

@alex Very cool, glad you liked it. Also glad it has been useful for your community in that regard. Happy to have indirectly contributed.


@freemo @alex

In many senses, I find sets high standards for communication in . You have enabled connected services, allowed 65K characters, you have robust policy, we can use markdown in posts, and you are also very welcoming, responsive, and open community!

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