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Mastodon friends -- a fun weekend query!

What's an example of a food that was unknown to you as a child, but which, now, is something you've come to love?

For me, it's the szechuan peppercorn. The first time I had it, maybe just 10 years ago, the weird numbing-tingling-spiciness blew my mind. "What the heck is this, and can I please have it all the time???"

According to the Wikipedia entry, there is even distinctive word for the taste in Chinese: "málà (Chinese: 麻辣; "numb-spiciness")

@edutooters @aus_teach @stefanhansen that Obsidian, i will try out! I usually rely on since it is web based. I will try these out!

Estimating the Incidence of Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy (FEVR) in The State of Michigan

New blog post: How I (try to) keep up with learning in machine

The post is pretty meaty but the tl;dr is:

1. Learn broadly
2. Then narrow your focus and learn deeply
3. Don’t be afraid to use multiple resources to learn the same concept from different angles
4. Do projects to reinforce your learning

A priest, a monk, and a rabbit were driving down the freeway and they had a terrible accident. At the hospital, a nurse asks the rabbit what their blood type is. 

The rabbit says, I must be a type O.

Bengali language post alert: ফেডিভারসের প্রথম পাঠ 

@hutomp @BengaliBabuspeaketh

আমি নিজে একটা ফেডিভারস সার্ভার বানালাম লেখালিখি আর কথাবার্তার জন্য।
ম্যাসটোডন নয়, তবে সহজতর।

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Bengali language post alert: ফেডিভারসের প্রথম পাঠ 

ফেডিভারস কি ও কেন এই নিয়ে একটা ছোট লেখা লিখলাম, এটা জানলে ম্যাসটোডন ধরণের সামাজিক মাধ্যমে লেখালিখি করার সুবিধা হতে পারে জনগণের, এই কথা ভেবে শুরু করা,


"Removing of mask mandates was associated with an additional 44.9 Covid cases per 1,000 students and staff members, corresponding to an estimated 11,901 cases during the 15-week period, the scientists concluded."

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The R Foundation is now on Mastodon. Follow us for official news about the R Project for Statistical Computing. #rstats

🤖 Android + Pixelfed

Our android mobile app beta will be rolling out later this week!

Spread the word 😉 #pixelfed

I've found this social media site called Twitter.

It's like Mastodon but you can pay $8 to pretend you're someone of significance, everyone hates each other and you're posts are monitored by a billionaire who wants to run the whole thing by himself but doesn't have a clue how to.

It's all rather entertaining.

I have just realised how wasteful are. Looking for substitutes. My handwriting is terrible, so the obvious choice is a but I fear the ink smudge. Happy to be enlightened. I have had a look on here; but hoping for something in to

Hello Mastodonners! The org I co-run, New_ Public, is organizing a learning session for folks new to Mastodon and the fediverse this coming Tuesday at 12pm ET. We'll be joined by the brilliant @cfiesler @wilf and @jeffjarvis -- and you are welcome too.

Noobs (like me) who want to learn and long-timers are all welcome. Sign up here, and boost if you're willing to help find other interested folks.

RT @jay_salsa
IMPORTANT DAY for scientists interested in bacterial genomics #bacterialgenomes

Now 400,000 Salmonella genomes available for analysis on Enterobase‼️

More genomes are available for Salmonella than any other bacterial genus:

If you migrate over to #MedMastodon from #MedTwitter please don’t be shy and instead please announce your arrival. I want to see it boosted into my feed and celebrate you joinining the #Medodon!

কলকেতার বাবু বিবি ডেঙ্গু হতে বাঁচতে এটিকে জীবনবেদ করুন #Kolkata #dengue

এখানে ক্রিকেটভক্তও কেউ কেউ আছেন নিশ্চয়ই। তাঁদের জন্যে আমার এই লেখাটি রইল। #AsiaCup এর পর লেখা। #T20WC22 তে কী হতে যাচ্ছে সেকথা কিছুটা লিখেছিলাম। অনেকের পছন্দ হয়নি। কিন্তু যা লিখেছিলাম প্রায় পুরোটাই ঘটল #IndvsEng

For my part, I've always seen them as something at the discretion of the author. As the reader, you have a plethora of tools to disengage from unwanted content on Mastodon—with even better filters coming in 4.0—and harassment is not one of them. People who are arriving now have as much right to be here and bring their own culture as the ones who came before them.

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