I have just realised how wasteful are. Looking for substitutes. My handwriting is terrible, so the obvious choice is a but I fear the ink smudge. Happy to be enlightened. I have had a look on here; but hoping for something in to

Hear hear!

Fountain pens and pencils (wood+graphite) are perhaps the one most important change one can adopt to do one's bit at a personal level to address effects of change.

Besides, there are so many advantages and fun of using :

* Coloured inks
* Slowing down writing
* Control your lines
* Drawing
* Ink that can last for years
* Changing nibs
We could go on.

@jellycrystals I saw you've taken the fountain pen plunge. Welcome! <one of us, one of us>
Later, if you're looking for Australia-produced items, I've heard good things about Veridian Pen Studio's #fountainpens.
Robert Oster and Van Dieman's inks are also made in Australia.

@jeffweiss Yeah, having a crack at it. Just cheap Platinum Preppys for now, but I love their colour. I did look at Van Dieman inks. Might grab some samples.

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