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Updating my , now with hashtags!
I am an IB and teacher who is always looking for new content to inspire my students with. I also love the , and . Other interests include

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Are you just catching up on the bonkers story about the lawyer using ChatGPT for federal court filings? This is a thread for you.

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I drew this illustration of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) as an all-seeing goddess last year.
Now I'm thinking of doing a follow-up to this artwork... Maybe I could do one based on the Hubble Space Telescope? I'm open to suggestions! 🤔🌌

#art #artist #science #sciart #sciencemastodon #drawing #illustration #astronomy #Astrodon #astro #mastoart #artmasto #space #nasa #scicomm

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Anyone able to help me out here with identifying this bug? I can't spend 10 minutes in my garden without having at least one waltzing over me. They're annoying just because there are so many of them! They're like, say, 5mm tall or so, not huge. The pic should show that clearly unless you really believe that those fingers belong to a giant. Location is in the Netherlands.

Scored some cherry polish for my Doc Martens for my birthday. Already putting it to use. TRG One polish in Bordeaux, 111

So I got given WiiU Zelda Breath of the Wild for Mother's Day, but the disc (which is impeccble, no scratches) keeps misreading and I am continually prompted to eject and clean the disc. Internet says it, and Mario Maker were notorious for this error. I tried ripping it to NAND but it stops and 91%. Am I just going to have to buy another copy?

My year 12 SL chem class keep telling me, "Miss, you slayy, girlboss."
I don't speak fluent "youth", so I can only assume it is a compliment.

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Every year Eurovision shows me a band to obsess over. This year it was Germany's Lord Of The Lost. Their latest album is a banger if you are into glam/industrial metal.

The cutting of the camera for Malta's costume change was a crime.

I bought some budget, noise cancelling headphones. They are pretty amazing. I then bought a more expensive pair for my kid's 9th birthday. Both have AUX and bluetooth. Mostly using with Nintendo DS or WiiU. Game changers

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Any Wiibrew people out there that can answer my question? If I load homebrew on a WiiU will it overwrite my saved games? I have sunk major hours into a couple and I would rather not start again.
#WiiU #homebrew #wiibrew #nintendo #nintendowiiU

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