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Updating my , now with hashtags!
I am an IB and teacher who is always looking for new content to inspire my students with. I also love the , and . Other interests include

Did all my posting from my other instance. Hope everyone watching had fun!

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Any female-presenting person of a certain age who's taught long enough has had students absentmindedly call them "Mom."

Today, amid a rather frenetic last-day-before- the-draft's-due class period, one of my #PhlEd seniors looked right at me and, all unconsciously, said "Alexa, how do I cite..." before he heard his own words and froze in horror.

Well, looks like I am headed to see Fear Factory on a school night in Bangkok!

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No filters applied, but even this photo doesn't do justice to the lush green

Finally broken all of my motorbike rules in Thailand.
1. No helmet
2. Thongs (OK, you call them flip-flops)
3. Actually drive one without a license of any kind
4. Drunk as a passenger.
Grab is way too cheap and convenient...

This movie is going to be on repeat if I ever go to Hell....

In further tales of, "You have to watch a lot of crap movies to be a good parent"....
The 9 y.o. selected The Emoji Movie and I loathed it within 4 minutes... Sigh.

I miss my friends from other instances ๐Ÿ˜‘

Something I always assumed.

The one about listening to music while studying: Studies every teacher needs to know | InnerDrive

Preparing for day 2 . Gonna try Siam Square today!

What ever happened to the Dust Buster? They were so good!

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There once was a man from peru
Whose limericks stopped at line two

If you plan on travelling to Vietnam, you can give the Meekong tour package that is the standard. A mte booked ours and although our driver and tourguide were excellent, it was a lot of forced stops and not a lot of nature. Nice to see the countryside on the drive though.

On the hunt for good, cheap (ish) noise cancelling earbuds. Cannot be Amazon (shipping to Thailand is a no go). Android, not Apple. Classic earbud style preferred.

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Nature abhors a vacuum, but vacuum abhors getting hosed out of some gnarly grinds!

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