I realized I haven't written an yet!

I am an Italian guy who really can't get to be a pro.

After I finished my bachelor in medical herbs, I started to work as an IT while travelling, and discovered a passion in land design, , and tinkering with productive ecosystems in general. Most of what I do is aimed to regeneration, much of it as a volunteer.

I've always been a self-thought amateur in most things, but now I am deciding the take the next step and get back to uni to take a formal path in .

I quit with social medias around 6 years ago. Only now, inspired by the foss attitude of the fediverse, I'm slowly getting back, still testing the water with my toes. I'd like to create a network of with a scientific but hands-on approach. Hope I'm in the right place!

@arteteco a fine, informative introduction. Thanks for taking the time. You are in the right place....

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