@rustyswarf that's just a part of all the in my garage... I don't know what to do with them, but can't throw them. Any idea?

Right now all this complicated, carbon intense pieces of engineering that were cutting the edge of technology not long ago are used for stuff like holding my and support my barrel, but I feel is not right. This lack of permanence in electronic drives me crazy =(

@arteteco Damn dude, that's a problem. You need to scrap that stuff.

It's nearly impossible to effectively recycle electronics on an individual basis, unless you collect a specific model (year) of computer.

Organizations can do it, but only by becoming the go-to donation/recycling facility in the local area, and having a really vigorous sorting/testing process.

@arteteco I have the same instinct, but I've found it helpful to visit auto junkyards and scrap metal yards. I've even considered working at one. Seeing the enormous, constant flow of engineered-objects back into raw metal is oddly reassuring. Or at least it helps me to not obsess over saving broken things.

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