So, this is a summary of some researcher I've read about how people perceive .

This article is like a long toot, don't judge me: I'm out of my depth talking about psychology and I know it, I'm just sharing some thoughts.

Really interesting read, thanks

The term #greenwashing stood out to me particularly. 😱

@ster You are the first person I know that actually read something on my website. I'm going to make a few jumps of joy, thanks!

It's important stuff. People often spend a lot of time worrying about statistics that won't necessarily change people's behaviour at all.

An interesting point I have to bring up though: what is your opinion on the responsibility? Should companies or governments or consumers bear the weight of the climate change cuts?

I look forward to the next part 😁

@ster Thanks for the feedback.

It is a very complex question. What is your answer, if you have an opinion?

My take is that everyone should do whatever it takes, always starting from oneself.
It is a cultural problem, so simple laws coming from the top will not change things, there should be a cooperative push.
Big solutions, like big dams and complex centralized water management systems, are part of the problem.

I personally mistrust governments and big corporations, so my bet is more on organized networks of small groups, where on the other hand I see a lot of inefficient approaches and misinformation. I'm very happy to change my mind and I try to work with anyone who can help restore the environment. At the end of the day, bees don't care about the ideology of the one who planted the flowers.

I agree with you for the most part.
I wouldn't expect a company to pay a penny towards climate change since they are so motivated by profit.

I don't know what country you come from, but I think I can trust my government to a certain extent, and they control the companies in many ways.

What's worth remembering is that, looking purely at electrical energy consumption in the UK, normal consumers are only a third of that usage. So the government needs to be involved, in my opinion


@ster I am not saying government shouldn't be involved, everyone should work, but I would never rely on it. So far history has proven government and big corporation as first players in damaging the ecosystem. This is because of a lot reasons, a toot is not maybe the best place for such a long message.

Sometimes that is not the case, but is quite rare.

I come from Italy, and we have a tradition of government mistrust (first country in Europe by voting abstention).
I know that the consumers are not directly the primary driver of damage, but they are moving the economy, and can direct it.

I worked in a few regenerative agriculture places, and they could have restored way more land if only people bought food from them, as an example.

A whole lot can be accomplished by downscaling and local recycling of resources, and that is rarely where any government goes. On the other hand, private companies may find market niches in, say, making composting toilet and heating systems for houses.

Again, I'm not "against" anyone, I just put my heart there, but am ready to help and back anyone from any part of society, if they have good intention and a good plan

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