Introducing myself. I am a Twitter refugee (maybe) where my handle is the same as here. I archive my own Twitter timeline here ( A quick glance will show you what I’m up to. My professional expertise is/was economic history and administration of trade and trade agreements. I have an economist’s view of the world although my academic qualifications are in law, philosophy and literature. I follow people/stuff like @tylercowan, @samirvama, @sixthtone, @patrickcollison, @catotrade I’ve recorded and am annotating Byron’s comic epic “Don Juan” (funny, touching, outrageous but neglected): see @madbaddangerous on Twitter. I would be better at piano and photography if I hadn’t waited until my mid-60s to take them up. I’m trying to create a portfolio at I like Opera a lot more than Metal.


@pwgallagher welcome here, so glad to have some deep, real people on the fediverse. Thanks for taking the time to properly introduce yourself =)

@arteteco Thank you. Nice to be here with people who know their tomatoes 👌

@pwgallagher Oh, thanks, I may not be the best guy in town, but I surely know my tomatoes😎

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