Hi, I'm Drew. I'm a coder from USA. I have a background in zoology, computer science, and music. I'm interested in rationality, bio-science, reading, gaming, FOSS, economics, guitars, and FI/RE.


@drewfer Welcome here, drew! What is FI/RE?

@arteteco It stands for Financial Independence / Retiring Early. It's mostly about reducing your unnecessary lifestyle expenses and saving/investing 50% or more of your income so that you can retire within about 10 years.

@drewfer Oh, cool, I guess I do that too but I didn't know there was a term for it. Mostly as saving, and I've done some good crypto in the past (but now... let's not talk about it =D )

What are you investing into, if I may ask?

@arteteco I have some real estate and my taxable account is made of ETF's that mimic the 'Golden Butterfly Portfolio'


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