Ok, that's my new compost bin.

The 220 l barrel is resting on those small 4 wheels, so that turning it just takes a few seconds, and inside there are 2 half pvc tubes to help mixing.

It is my first compost tumbler, so we'll see how it goes. My main concern is that it reaches the critical mass needed to trigger the composting process, and that is doesn't take long (I need quick compost).

Meanwhile it looks good, and using it is really so easy that even my 9 yo brother can do it!

(Pink lighter on the side for scale reference, I'm sure @PonderingCreek will appreciate)

@arteteco how long is short, in this case? I might be interested in setting something like this up but we've got veeery little space so it would have to be worth it

@joop how long is short you mean in terms of time?
My guess is that, from when it's full and left alone (with just turning sometimes, no adding) it would take it 3 weeks to compost the whole thing

@arteteco @PonderingCreek I love this. I need a bigger more efficient composter (I've been outvoted on the "just a pile" method) so I hope you'll report back how this works.

Thanks for motivating me, I'll report back as the first compost comes out of it =)

@arteteco @UberTumbleweed please do. Like @UberTubleweed, I use the "just pile" method. I thought it was kinda neat, but have been informed that, "umm, no, its not."

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