With some friends we are setting up a local informal environmentalist group, with the aim of pushing forward good practices, spread sustainability, ecological awareness, and this kind of . stuff.

So far we are planning of doing , production, workshops, library, , collective purchase from farms, but we'd like to have more on the todo list.

Help me get out of our echo chamber, and give me your ideas about more activities we could engage ourselves and the local communities in.



@absolutus Hi, thanks for your input!

We are going to release updated and videos about what we are doing, and peertube is a great idea. I already had troubles in making them understand why the content shouldn't only be on facebook, but I'll fight with teeth and nails to use as many free software as possible =)

A little note about it that I'd like to share.

We thought about how much effort we want to put into media, and we concluded that there are enough tutorials, podcasts, people talking about the matter on the net.

There is a weird perception that is "if you are aware of a problem you solved it", and spreading "awareness" seems to many like solving problems.

That is not necessarily true, unfortunately. It is an important first step, but until you plant that tree, recognizing the importance of trees is just knowledge.

We decided to prioritize getting our hands dirty, growing actual food, planting actual flowers for impollinators, creating afk social networks, make real contacts with communities, instead of doing symbolic action that are just good to "spread a message" on the web.

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