With some friends we are setting up a local informal environmentalist group, with the aim of pushing forward good practices, spread sustainability, ecological awareness, and this kind of . stuff.

So far we are planning of doing , production, workshops, library, , collective purchase from farms, but we'd like to have more on the todo list.

Help me get out of our echo chamber, and give me your ideas about more activities we could engage ourselves and the local communities in.


@arteteco a neighborhood sustainability group in my area does an annual skill-share fair - people volunteer to teach things like tool sharpening, beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, and crochet. the seed swap library sets up a table and there's a clothing exchange. it's a really great community event! I think having everything on one day makes it easier to attract a big audience.


@mcmoots Ah, so there actually is a thing like "neighborhood sustainability group". I didn't know how to define us. Do you have a link to their works, to get some more inspiration?

Doing a fair is a wildly nice idea, thanks, if we get some traction we may do something by spring! Please, if you have more links and resources on other groups' fairs, let me know =)

@arteteco Oh this might be a better link to last year's fair, it's more of the general-audience advertising with the workshop list filled out: sustainableneseattle.org/event

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