With some friends we are setting up a local informal environmentalist group, with the aim of pushing forward good practices, spread sustainability, ecological awareness, and this kind of . stuff.

So far we are planning of doing , production, workshops, library, , collective purchase from farms, but we'd like to have more on the todo list.

Help me get out of our echo chamber, and give me your ideas about more activities we could engage ourselves and the local communities in.


I'm fixing a bunch of bikes (most of them from the trash) to give away once the school year starts and all the students come back. If you can recover abandoned bikes, and someone enjoys fixing them, that could be worthwhile for you as well.

@tilag Thanks, we already have 2 (kind of) community owned bicycle workshops, where we put spare parts, fix them and such. I plan to work closely with them, as we'll need some cargo and stuff to move food and plants around.

Now that you have me to think about it, there is quite a movement doing cycle-powered agricultural tools. Could be a nice a idea to try to work with that, thanks!

@arteteco @tilag Hey farm bikes are a great idea! I learned about coffee bikes (cargo bikes for coffee farmers) and people powered farm-machine (bicimaquinas) like Maya Pedal at a #BikeBike workshop a number of years ago.

Peace Coffee here in Minneapolis moves coffee by longtail cargo bikes hauling Bikes at Work Trailers. Such a setup would be great for urban farm CSA deliveries, and hauling woodchips or compost.




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