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arteteco @arteteco

I'd like to donate my corpse to science, when time comes, but on the other hand I'd hate to see the research done on me to be copyrighted by big journals and to be a part in this closed-source science progression.

I wonder if I can donate my body to science with a Creative Common license...

@arteteco maybe you can specify usage when you donate, and then throw the GPL on them or something lol

@makeworld as a condition for the usage of the body? I am not sure there is a precedent for it. I can write the creative commons foundation to ask about it though...

@arteteco haha yeah, see if your country has one maybe. But yeah might be good to get some lawyers to write one, or you could DIY it if you're feeling daring!

@arteteco this corpse is provided without warranty under the GPL-3.0 license

@arteteco Include a Share-Alike type of license, in case of Frankensteins

@arteteco Attribution+non-commercial+non-derivatives.

= My children have to carry my name, don't get any inheritance and are discouraged from having any children.

Sounds legit.

@arteteco To be boringly pragmatic, many corpses are used for medical students in their training. That's not science, but it would be a way to donate to similar positive outcome without furthering proprietary science. So, you could specify that you want your body used for education (and not for research).

But I like your original idea. Just say in your will that you want your body used for research *if* and only if it will be freely-licensed, otherwise use for non-research education.

@wolftune Mmhm, I like the idea, even though being a wannabe scientist I would have liked it more to push research, not practice, but both are important I guess.

I'll have a look into it, thanks!