First fruits of my pomegranate tree... those seeds look like rubies

@arteteco your own pomegranate tree - how marvellous. They look great.

@GwenfarsGarden It is actually a very easy plant to grow, and I often choose it for guerrilla planting. It needs some care in pruning, if you want it to grow more like a tree and less like a shrub, but that's it

@arteteco @GwenfarsGarden Wait, pomegranates are easy to grow? I suddenly have the compulsion to germinate things. 🌱

@arteteco @GwenfarsGarden
:octothink: What kind of climate will it tolerate? Southern Ireland is ~ USDA 9.. probably no pomegranates here! :P

@cathal @InvaderXan @arteteco that's why I was wondering about hardiness. I'm in a H4/usda 8,9 zone, though in a hard winter it could be H5/usda 7,8 zone.

I'm not sure, minimum temperature here is -3°C... but from reading around seems hardy 'till -10°C. With some digging around you could find some good varieties for your climate, but I don't think it would produce as much as in a milder climate

@cathal @InvaderXan

@arteteco @cathal @InvaderXan yeh, you are probably right. I think it was the idea of growing our own pomegranates! Might stick to something like hazelnuts - not as exciting, but has no problem with cold winters.

Well now, let's get things clear, hazelnut are pretty damn exciting.

@cathal @InvaderXan

@arteteco @cathal @InvaderXan :D Somehow Pomegranates seem more exciting.

But yeh, if I can beat the squirrels to them, hazelnuts ain't half bad

@GwenfarsGarden @arteteco @cathal Conveniently, it's still nut season. There aren't many hazelnuts around me, but there seem to be plenty of chestnuts!

@arteteco @GwenfarsGarden @cathal Seems to me like the general rule for Middle Eastern/Mediterranean plants is that they can survive surprisingly cold frosts but otherwise don't produce much fruit in colder climates.

Pretty easy, yes, especially by cutting or layering. I air layered a tree last year and I had 2 failures on 17 layerings, not bad at all, while almost all cuttings worked.

Never grew them by seed


@arteteco I am getting lots of lemons and cucumbers and kale out of my garden right now, and eggs from my chickens too.

@Shekelcoin uh, late season cucumber... where in the planet are you?

Kale are like a year-long thing here, what variety or species do you grow?

I'll be waiting for a icture of the chickens =D

@arteteco I live on the equator, and have a year round growing season. I'll snap some pics today.

@arteteco the kale is a variety that's grown in the tropics. Not sure of the name

@Shekelcoin Yeah... that's rich stuff man! Is that your own coffee? I'm impressed

@arteteco that was organically grown coffee from nearby. I will be planting my own coffee soon. Also already have onions and garlic going and a bunch of culinary herbs. I am working on getting some corn planted with some more squash and some beans to climb up the stalks. I also have to get some tomatoes and peppers going but I haven't had time to start my seeds. I am just doing a little here and there on weekends with my wife. She also has a lot of flowers and sunflowers too.

@arteteco I want to be growing all my own food by next year. We have also been getting fresh organic milk from the neighbors who have goats and cows, and my wife has been making butter, cream, kumis, cheese, and goat's cheese. We are trying to get completely off the GMOs, pesticides and inhumanely produced dairy/poultry.

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