I think I discovered a superpower of mine: I'm quite anonymous. I usually have to introduce myself 2-3 times as people don't remember ever meeting me before, and I manage to hang around the same places for a while without anyone saying 'hey, I know you'. If something, I got ask 'hey, are you new here?'. That's so amazing.

My questions for the fediverse are:

* any idea on how to properly test this feeling, like in a good experiment?

* thoughts on how to improve this power of mine?

@arteteco Maybe you are just too shy to get noticed?
Or as it sometimes happens to me, if I don't find the people interesting I stay quiet in a corner until I can escape unnoticed.


You got a strategy there, seems solid. Do you also have this power?

I'm not a shy person, I'd say, and I feel quite at ease in almost every context.
It may be a matter of dressing, hairstyle and such, or maybe my way of doing, as you say.

An experiment would start by quantifying people who say hello to me in a new environment for a month, then change clothing style and see if the average trend changes...

@arteteco I'm afraid I don't have your natural power. I have to make an effort to go unnoticed ;-)

@paolo Hard work is to be appreciated nonetheless. I shall follow your steps now and do my best to cultivate my talent.

@arteteco Thanks.

BTW: who are you?
Did we ever toot each others?


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