For a statistics exam I have to choose a dataset, and would like to choose data about the environmental impact of agriculture, or urban agriculture, but can't get more concrete than that... damn, sometimes I forget how the hardest thing is asking the right questions!

Does anyone have a specific curiosity I can satisfy and use for my assignment? =D

@arteteco I'd be curious to know whether urban agriculture (personal gardens, community gardens, public gardens and parks) has a calming impact on communities (ie., lower crime, less vandalism, etc).

@Downes (especially since I'm not a psychologist and would find myself out of my depths here!)


@Downes and I thank you for that, I'm giving it a hard thought right now =)

@arteteco I think you could use it as a starting point and look at the literature - there are probably previous studies on this sort of thing - this might help you narrow down to something more focused, or perhaps suggest a specific study you might try to replicate as a way of getting your feet wet

@Downes diving into it right now! I'll let you know if the ship sails

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