a for the fediverse: do you archive your emails? How?

I sometimes have nice pieces of email and conversations and I'd like to save them, maybe tag them, you know putting them in place nice and neat how you would with music, in a way that is easy to back up somewhere else.

Something like an old letters collection.

Do you back your mails up? Whats your method?

@arteteco I keep them in my ever growing account on my mail server.

Thunderbird has an archive feature. I'm Not really familiar with that. There are also file formats for storing mails:
That's what most mail servers use. I would not be surprised if clients use those too. Guess there are tools for working with those. Good luck and let us know how you solved that in the end. :)

@arteteco I periodically take out & delete all the emails from and copy them on a imap server on my home server. But you can simply import them in your favourite mail client.

@arteteco I actually have a text file called "great emails" where I occasionally save (copy and paste) writing that stands out to me as especially smart & funny.

It's outlasted several email addresses, where I would have lost them if I'd used in-browser storage.

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