I wrote a while ago about how I switched my from typical elements to a more rational and classic food production system.
I think it's working out really, really great. This are the latest pictures, blog post to come in a little while.

I am experimenting with very closed space dense planting, little mulch (most of organic goes to compost) and yeah, I'm digging it. Sometimes double-digging it.

@arteteco May I ask what made you switch (back?) to digging?

@12345 Sure, thing is you always have to loosen up the soil when you first work it (and some parts were not worked before, so I double-digged them), while others were opened up but not tilled. It's more akin to what a broadfork does.

Unless you have an extensive life that already provided the soil structure, you are not likely to see your soil soft after just 1 digging. In my experience new, compact soil need an additional break every year or so for a few years before the structure (eventually) kicks in. Every year will be softer, and as long as you don't turn it upside down you should not be harming the soil life.

That's afaik, of course, and I may be wrong, I often am

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