Follow is an open source hosting exchange website (like couchsurfing) born in the community, and is an awesome one. The android app was in the play store only, but today platschi put the android app in a repo:

nice job!

ActivityPub for couch/accommodation sharing when?

I don't know, what advantages would you see in that? Like, different policies by instance, or..?


That's one of many. Decentralised moderation. Different levels of privacy (including cross-instance private communities, leveraging AP's group actor). Decentralised innovation in terms of UX and new functionality. Etc.

I am not sure that those ups would actually balance the downs like how it's easier to manage moderation, implement new functions and develop the software in a centralized service. Trustroots doesn't have all that critical mass right now and everybody feels to me quite attached to the project, wanting to share the space together that is.

It could be interesting though, I'm not a programmer


It "doesn't have critical mass" is actually the main reason I think that any platform that benefits from network effects should be federated. So we can leave all the centralisers and capitalists to compete against each other, while the rest of us can switch to decentralised cooperation once and for all!

I agree! "Critical Mass" means what, the market share momentum needed to dominate and destroy/absorb competition? It doesn't seem congruent with federation's purpose, let alone necessary.

What, why would you think that? What I meant is that, it not having that many users, I see no real urge to decentralize the software.


What I mean is that being centralized is actually makes it more challenging to have enough users. Better being part of a network like the fediverse.


Hey, I'm sorry, I wasn't attacking the project you originally shared (which sounds cool). I was more generally criticizing the pressures that get put on app makers, that market dominance or buyout are the golden directions to aim.

Of course an app needs a certain critical mass of users before it can really federate. But what do you think would be a good size? And how to resist pressures to default to being a silo? Just some thoughts.

maybe slightly long reply Show more

What do you mean? TR is not really in competition, not market-wise at least, being not for profit, donation based and open source, is just a community of travellers. It's not like federating is perfect for any use case, not saying this won't work, but it seems to me that it would require some more deep and technical consideration first.

Anyway, just start your project, no one is stopping anybody


Sorry if my posts seem confrontational to you. I'm not critising Trustroots, just arguing for the benefits of interoperability and decentralisation, which can benefit users in different and wonderful ways. (Being free, open source, non-profit, etc is awesome, but can still carry the challenges of centralized governance, sustainability, and "marketing").

No worries, I see your point of view and I don't disagree, after all we are on the fediverse, we both must like decentralization :)
I'm not that sure whether a federated software for hospitality exchange would work better at the moment, but I'd love to find out alright. If someone would start working on something like that I'll back him/her up, sure thing.

As a quick sidebar, does anyone know if there are any platform cooperative frameworks for the fediverse like the software developed by #Sharetribe? I've been thinking it would be cool to have a co-op for #Etsy type stuff, and maybe this would be a good way to implement it. #OpenBazaar seems a little too crypto-heavy unless it's changed a lot since last time I looked at it.
@mayel #cooperative #coop #plarformcooperative #crypto

Afaik this is more or less what the people at commonspub are doing, a general purpose AP server which should make it easy to implement anything on top ( )

@mayel is one of the devs so could tell us more, right?
This, of course, if I got your question right in the first place :D

Not sure if that's exactly what I'm looking for, but it's along the right direction. I'll have to look into it further to know for sure. Thanks!

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