Dear community, I'd love your help.

I'd like to get a solid grip on the effectiveness of permaculture as a design system by looking at the published studies. Sciencedirect lists 257 articles about it atm. Eventually, it would be just nice to write an article and put order in my head about the conclusions.

Now, how would you go for such a task?

I am starting by giving a definition of what articles I'll consider and which not and what are my goals, and have set up a database-like wiki to organize studies by theme and comments, but it still look like a vast, difficult task. I'd love any hint, idea, help from more experienced people!

At least for your initial run-through, you might try putting everything through Open Text Summarizer:

A lot of review articles have 100+ references, so it's doable, but often a slog. I would say that the more articles you read, the better feel you get for which studies are BS and which ones are good. Especially be on the lookout for shifty statistics.


Woah, thanks for the tool, seems very useful indeed!

As there are no decent reviews that I could find, right now I'm just taking all the articles (257 on sciencedirect, couldn't find more elsewhere) and I'm slowly working through them with zotero.
I am on the lookout for sloppy statistics, that is always a good advice, but so far I haven't seen any quantitative data in general... I've only just started though, so I hope to find more.

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