I was thinking that, as a mod, I'd like to spend more time here talking about scientific content and matters and fun facts, and less about the matter.

But then it dawned on me: they are very, very related.

In keeping with that desire, care to expand on that thought?

@arteteco I just learned that federates with #Gab.

You're free to associate with a bunch of fashsymp alt-reich assholes if you like, but I am equally free to /not/ associate with you.

Goodbye, and good luck.

Why do you say "associate"? We do not "associate" with any instance. We do, however, federate with all. Gab does no exception, in a way or another.

Goodbye to you =)

@arteteco I view federation as a form of association.

If my understanding of how federation works is correct, then if I had made this reply fully public (rather than public & unlisted), then it could show up in Gab's federated feed it's a reply to one of your public toots.

@starbreaker If by your definition of the word "association" federation is a kind of it, I guess fine, who am I to say your definition is not good.

I well then rephrase: we do not have any particular relationship with any instance.


Qoto stands for Question Others Teach Others, why we take away people's choices on who to talk to?

You can't question or teach those you block just for being in a server some people don't like.

@DavidBond I haven't blocked anybody from Qoto yet, but congratulations.

You get to be the first, because you've annoyed me by assuming I have no clue what Qoto is about.

You're blocking me because I told you what Qotor stands for?

Also i'm happy you have the choice to block me at all, something you think should be taken away from people haha.

@starbreaker @arteteco I have to say it doesnt surprise me. Qoto has been a refuge for nazis in the past. Hopefully qoto gets cut off by more instances.

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