I passed by the yesterday here in Naples. I really can't feel like I belong to this movement.

* I don't like slogans, and the ones I heard were pretty violent, including death threats to right wing people, and far left typical songs.
Anger was the feeling I perceived the most, which may biased because angry people shout the most.

* People knew a lot about climate and environment. That is, until you ask questions. There is no place for doubts in this climate action.

* The traffic was stopped by a human wall. I had to exchange insults and raise my bicycle to get past the fu**ing barricade.

* I do not know how to feel when kids, like 12 yo, engage in such political actions. I still feel like they are too young to really get what's happening.

I'd like to repost a picture that @freemo posted a long while ago

@arteteco @freemo All their behavior is mild compared to what species collapse and mass-famine will be like. Please. Give people the benefit of the doubt. When their lives are threatened, no one is very polite. ❤️ #ClimateCrisis bbc.com/news/science-environme


Well, "not being very polite" is a bit of an euphemism for shouting to put people to death because of a political idea.
Don't get me wrong, if that would prove to actually solve some problems I could at least consider it as a good idea, but as far as I can see it's counterproductive. For example, I do not want to have anything to do with them.

And articles like this are a good example of stuff that people quote to look very well informed, but when you go and ask details and cast the light of doubt (as doubt is not a shadow, really) on the matter you become "one of them".

I'm sure there are beautiful people around that know what they are doing. My experience so far with the environmental movements, in which I've been for years, has been utterly disastrous.

@arteteco Trolls say "I can't vote for Bernie Sanders. I hate his supporters". But that's a bad faith argument.

Bernie is:
#MedicareForAll #EliminateMedicalDebt #CancelStudentLoans #HousingForAll #NoMoreWar #TaxTheRich etc.

✅ Support the policies or not.

Similarly, looming climate catastrophe is based on science.

✅ Believe it or not.

If we think 🌎 will soon be too hot to support human life, angry climate protestors should have nothing to do with action we take to address the problem.❤️

@BernieOrVest I'm not much into US politics, sorry, I may not get all the references.
I'm not denying human caused climate change, the need for action or the importance of changing policies, if that is your point.
I am just sharing my feeling towards the people I met at the strike, and how counterproductive, aggressive and uninformed they seemed to me.

@arteteco Understood, I hear what you're saying. We should all be good examples of the change we want to make. 👍🏾

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