¿Conoces publicaciones sobre agrotóxicos?

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@imvectech You mean, share any research existent on glyphosate and phychemicals? Why not just search for it on pubmed, sciencedirect google scholar or something?

Yeah absolutely. Just compiling a bunch of them in the lab so within the page there's one at least. It's part of this investigation project

@imvectech Yeah but I mean, there are search engines that are there just to do that, find you the research articles for whatever subject you wish. What's the point of maintaining a page just for one aspect? I mean just for glyphosate you have over 300k results on google scholar, why manually put them all on a page (considering also that it's growing quite quickly)?

We are beginning a collaboration with people from Cosquin and the scope is to have one link in the grid at the bottom of the page. Maybe including the search engines in the post is a good idea but facilitating a bunch of them our contacts already have read also. Mainly those.

The agrotoxicos are the issue in Cosquin. We'll be pointing people to.the wiki page so one post there is useful toghether with the manuals for different investigation methods we'll de doing in march there

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