tonight I was feeling a bit blue, so I went out on my bicycle to do some .
Now, when you go out to find caches, you basically need your mobile and a pen. 2 things. I managed to forget 50% of them.

No pen, no fun.

Then woah, I see a supermarket, still open! I get in and look for a pen. Nothing. I asked the workers there, who started laughing. I guess not many people look for pen late at night, so we laughed together!
They were out of pens, but we had a nice chat, and they gave me a beautiful pink pen for present. It's the personal pen of one of the workers.

It was a nice night.

I love humans when they are bros

@arteteco quick question because I’m wanting to do geocaching, why a pen?

@caranmegil Because every cache has at least a logbook, where you write your name and the date.
I usually bring little dices to put in the caches too

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