Anyone here has used team management software? I am working with other people and I feel we are wasting quite some time in decision making, task assigning and so on, as they are used to work in person but now team is all over Italy.

They are not IT people, they are biologists, naturalists, so I'm looking for friendly and easy solutions, even at the cost of flexibility.

Any input or opinion is appreciated!

@arteteco you can use a very nice kanban board like Wekan, rich in features, nice to see and discuss tasks, plus it is pretty.

@tykayn Thanks, I've looked into its features but doesn't seem more rich than the Deck App for Nextcloud... I'm kinda new to this, so I'll give it a better look 😁

the deck app is nice too and is coupled with calendar events and synced with phones if we want.
too bad there is no real project management incorporated with the deck

@tykayn What features do you reckon deck app + nextcloud miss to be a real project manager?

I would love to have a good UI to manage tags, link files or folders with tasks, make sub tasks, attribute epics (groups of tickets and tags), make milestones, search in files from deck, have statistics about tasks to know where to improve things...
for big projects it is had to use Deck, for small one it could do the trick.

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