63 BCE

"And that's why, senators, I think THIS GUY..."
That'a Cato the young at the senate, accusing Julius Caesar of being involved in the Catilina's Conspiracy, when a messenger delivers a letter to Julius Caesar.

Tension was palpable. All the attention was on the two men.

"Ah, here we have a proof of your being a dirty traitor! Here, read it out loud"

"Yeah no Cato I mean, it's alright, there's no need to..."

"I say you read it, go on, if you really got nothing to hide!"

It was a dirty love letter from Cato's sister, Servilia, to Caesar.

May the smirky smile on his face inspire you in your moment of difficulties

(that's not the exact dialogue, but is exactly what happened as far as we know)

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