Reddit of course and this place is my home 😊 Well this place is home. Reddit is more just for reading.

Trump is going to launch his own social network site next month, THAT should be interesting! It will immediately gain millions of users, and be a rival to Twitter.

I don't think it'll be on the app stores, but I could be wrong. Maybe Trump will play by the rules knowing if it's not on the app store it'll be DOA πŸ€”Β©οΈ



@Wetrix I may go against the grain here, but I really love reddit. It may not be what it used to be 5 years ago and bla bla bla, but communities are still often wholesome, useful and supportive. I still have a hard time finding the same feeling of "home" in the fediverse, tbh

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@arteteco I love reddit πŸ™‚

Reddit isn't so much a home as like going to a book store and reading up on your topics of interest for me πŸ˜Šβ¬†οΈ

For community this is def the place πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‹

@Wetrix Idk, for sure reddit is pseudonimous so I have no clue who I'm talking with (and I think one of the best unwritten rules of reddit is don't follow your friends account). But in general, the feeling I have from some communities is very strong there, and when I write I feel very at home.
Here I feel safer though, that's true, reddit can be cold when you go against the dominant ideas.

In any case, it's so nice to have some digital homes ❀️

@arteteco I don't follow any friends there but it's still fun πŸŽ‰

Going against popular opinion isn't hard on reddit. It's very leftist. That's why
/conservative: exists πŸ˜…

And thus why other places like 4chan exist etc

@Wetrix reddit is pretty leftist is my perception, I tried to post couple of times on r/conservative and I was automoderated 'cause I needed to be trusted and whitelisted and whatnot. I guess they were heavily trolled!

I can't wait to see some fediverse alternative really pick up momentum and merge a bit those worlds! seems like Lemmy is doing fine

4chan is something else altogether. I follow couple of channels but man, what a f**king mess! Ahahah

Raise a glass for digital homes wherever and whatever they are!

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