Generalisation to unseen topologies: Towards control of biological neural network activity

Revisiting Adaptive Cellular Recognition Under Domain Shifts: A Contextual Correspondence View

NeuroSynth: MRI-Derived Neuroanatomical Generative Models and Associated Dataset of 18,000 Samples

Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of a User-Friendly Microfluidic Device for Studying Liver Zonation-on-Chip (ZoC)

Evaluating the evolution and inter-individual variability of infant functional module development from 0 to 5 years old

Statistical thermodynamics of the human brain activity, the Hagedorn temperature and the Zipf law

High nucleotide skew palindromic DNA sequences function as replication origins due to their unzipping propensity

The distribution of interior branch lengths in phylogenetic trees under constant-rate birth-death models

Topological Analysis of Seizure-Induced Changes in Brain Hierarchy Through Effective Connectivity

DRAK: Unlocking Molecular Insights with Domain-Specific Retrieval-Augmented Knowledge in LLMs

An LLM-based Knowledge Synthesis and Scientific Reasoning Framework for Biomedical Discovery

Binding in hippocampal-entorhinal circuits enables compositionality in cognitive maps

Multiscale Functional Connectivity: Exploring the brain functional connectivity at different timescales

Efficient approximations of transcriptional bursting effects on the dynamics of a gene regulatory network

Evolving reservoir computers reveals bidirectional coupling between predictive power and emergent dynamics

Dimensions underlying the representational alignment of deep neural networks with humans .CV .AI .LG

Networks with many structural scales: a Renormalization Group perspective -mat.stat-mech -mat.dis-nn .AO

MegIS: High-Performance, Energy-Efficient, and Low-Cost Metagenomic Analysis with In-Storage Processing .AR .DC

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