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Stain-free, rapid, and quantitative viral plaque assay using deep learning and holography. (arXiv:2207.00089v1 [physics.ins-det])

End-to-end Learning for Image-based Detection of Molecular Alterations in Digital Pathology. (arXiv:2207.00095v1 [eess.IV])

Improving Disease Classification Performance and Explainability of Deep Learning Models in Radiology with Heatmap Generators. (arXiv:2207.00157v1 [eess.IV])

Theoretical possibilities of head transplant. (arXiv:2207.00304v1 [q-bio.TO])

It is useful to analyze correlation graphs. (arXiv:2207.00330v1 [q-bio.TO])

How trial-to-trial learning shapes mappings in the mental lexicon: Modelling Lexical Decision with Linear Discriminative Learning. (arXiv:2207.00430v1 [cs.CL])

Embedding phylogenetic trees in networks of low treewidth. (arXiv:2207.00574v1 [q-bio.PE])

Translational Quantum Machine Intelligence for Modeling Tumor Dynamics in Oncology. (arXiv:2202.10919v2 [q-bio.OT] UPDATED)

A mathematical modelling portrait of Wnt signalling in early vertebrate embryogenesis. (arXiv:2203.00779v2 [q-bio.MN] UPDATED)

Extracting Information from Stochastic Trajectories of Gene Expression. (arXiv:2206.14874v1 [q-bio.QM])

The Hiatus Between Organism and Machine Evolution: Contrasting Mixed Microbial Communities with Robots. (arXiv:2206.14916v1 [q-bio.PE])

Multi-band oscillations emerge from a simple spiking network. (arXiv:2206.14942v1 [q-bio.NC])

Decision Forest Based EMG Signal Classification with Low Volume Dataset Augmented with Random Variance Gaussian Noise. (arXiv:2206.14947v1 [q-bio.NC])

Comparing the efficiency of forward and backward contact tracing. (arXiv:2206.15080v1 [q-bio.PE])

Minimization of Dynamical Systems over Monoids. (arXiv:2206.15169v1 [cs.LO])

Runtime Analysis of Competitive co-Evolutionary Algorithms for Maximin Optimisation of a Bilinear Function. (arXiv:2206.15238v1 [cs.NE])

A library of quantitative markers of seizure severity. (arXiv:2206.15283v1 [q-bio.NC])

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