TFCheck : A TensorFlow Library for Detecting Training Issues in Neural Network Programs. (arXiv:1909.02562v1 [cs.LG])

DeepEvolution: A Search-Based Testing Approach for Deep Neural Networks. (arXiv:1909.02563v1 [cs.LG])

Classification with Costly Features as a Sequential Decision-Making Problem. (arXiv:1909.02564v1 [cs.LG])

Causal Effects of Brevity on Style and Success in Social Media. (arXiv:1909.02565v1 [cs.SI])

Deep Visual Template-Free Form Parsing. (arXiv:1909.02576v1 [cs.CV])

The Complexity of Reachability in Affine Vector Addition Systems with States. (arXiv:1909.02579v1 [cs.LO])

Spatiotemporally Constrained Action Space Attacks on Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents. (arXiv:1909.02583v1 [cs.LG])

Adaptive Robust Game-Theoretic Decision Making for Autonomous Vehicles. (arXiv:1909.02586v1 [eess.SY])

Investigating BERT's Knowledge of Language: Five Analysis Methods with NPIs. (arXiv:1909.02597v1 [cs.CL])

Formal Methods and Event Notification Systems in Mobile Computing Environment. (arXiv:1909.02599v1 [cs.PL])

Do Cross Modal Systems Leverage Semantic Relationships?. (arXiv:1909.01976v1 [cs.CV])

High-order partitioned spectral deferred correction solvers for multiphysics problems. (arXiv:1909.01977v1 [math.NA])

On perfectness in Gaussian graphical models. (arXiv:1909.01978v1 [math.ST])

Using Weaker Consistency Models with Monitoring and Recovery for Improving Performance of Key-Value Stores. (arXiv:1909.01980v1 [cs.DC])

Parameterized Intractability of Even Set and Shortest Vector Problem. (arXiv:1909.01986v1 [cs.CC])

Outage Analysis of Cooperative NOMA Using Maximum Ratio Combining at Intersections. (arXiv:1909.01989v1 [cs.IT])

Quasi-Newton Optimization Methods For Deep Learning Applications. (arXiv:1909.01994v1 [cs.LG])

Two-Way Coding and Attack Decoupling in Control Systems Under Injection Attacks. (arXiv:1909.01999v1 [eess.SY])

An Evaluation Dataset for Intent Classification and Out-of-Scope Prediction. (arXiv:1909.02027v1 [cs.CL])

Online Regularization by Denoising with Applications to Phase Retrieval. (arXiv:1909.02040v1 [eess.IV])

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