Machine Learning Assisted Inverse Design of Microresonators. (arXiv:2212.03243v1 [cs.LG])

MobileTL: On-device Transfer Learning with Inverted Residual Blocks. (arXiv:2212.03246v1 [cs.LG])

Neural Cell Video Synthesis via Optical-Flow Diffusion. (arXiv:2212.03250v1 [cs.CV])

First Go, then Post-Explore: the Benefits of Post-Exploration in Intrinsic Motivation. (arXiv:2212.03251v1 [cs.LG])

NeRDi: Single-View NeRF Synthesis with Language-Guided Diffusion as General Image Priors. (arXiv:2212.03267v1 [cs.CV])

Giga-SSL: Self-Supervised Learning for Gigapixel Images. (arXiv:2212.03273v1 [cs.CV])

ABN: Anti-Blur Neural Networks for Multi-Stage Deformable Image Registration. (arXiv:2212.03277v1 [cs.CV])

Counterfactual reasoning: Do language models need world knowledge for causal understanding?. (arXiv:2212.03278v1 [cs.CL])

From Knowledge Augmentation to Multi-tasking: Towards Human-like Dialogue Systems. (arXiv:2212.03279v1 [cs.AI])

Relation-based Motion Prediction using Traffic Scene Graphs. (arXiv:2212.02503v1 [cs.AI])

COmic: Convolutional Kernel Networks for Interpretable End-to-End Learning on (Multi-)Omics Data. (arXiv:2212.02504v1 [q-bio.QM])

This changes to that : Combining causal and non-causal explanations to generate disease progression in capsule endoscopy. (arXiv:2212.02506v1 [cs.LG])

FEMa-FS: Finite Element Machines for Feature Selection. (arXiv:2212.02507v1 [cs.LG])

MAP-Music2Vec: A Simple and Effective Baseline for Self-Supervised Music Audio Representation Learning. (arXiv:2212.02508v1 [cs.SD])

Enhancing Quantum Adversarial Robustness by Randomized Encodings. (arXiv:2212.02531v1 [quant-ph])

Robustness of Quantum Algorithms for Nonconvex Optimization. (arXiv:2212.02548v1 [quant-ph])

Cross-Domain Few-Shot Relation Extraction via Representation Learning and Domain Adaptation. (arXiv:2212.02560v1 [cs.CL])

A Large-Scale Analysis of Phishing Websites Hosted on Free Web Hosting Domains. (arXiv:2212.02563v1 [cs.CR])

INCLUSIFY: A benchmark and a model for gender-inclusive German. (arXiv:2212.02564v1 [cs.CL])

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