Enhanced Generative Adversarial Networks for Unseen Word Generation from EEG Signals. (arXiv:2311.17923v1 [eess.AS]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17923

Unrolling Virtual Worlds for Immersive Experiences. (arXiv:2311.17924v1 [cs.GR]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17924

Grid-Forming Control of Power Converters: Equivalence Proof through Simplified Models. (arXiv:2311.17926v1 [eess.SY]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17926

Closed-Loop Ramp-Comparison Current Regulator for an Induction Machine with a PWM Voltage-Source Inverter. (arXiv:2311.17927v1 [eess.SY]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17927

New Online Communities: Graph Deep Learning on Anonymous Voting Networks to Identify Sybils in Polycentric Governance. (arXiv:2311.17929v1 [cs.LG]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17929

Model Theory of Ultrafinitism II: Deconstructing the Term Model (First Draft). (arXiv:2311.17931v1 [math.LO]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17931

Generating Molecular Conformer Fields. (arXiv:2311.17932v1 [physics.chem-ph]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17932

Strategic Workforce Planning in Crowdsourced Delivery with Hybrid Driver Fleets. (arXiv:2311.17935v1 [eess.SY]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17935

Diagnostics Algorithms in Nuclear Plant Cyber Attack Analysis Toolkit. (arXiv:2311.17936v1 [eess.SY]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17936

Unlocking Spatial Comprehension in Text-to-Image Diffusion Models. (arXiv:2311.17937v1 [cs.CV]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17937

Efficient Deep Speech Understanding at the Edge. (arXiv:2311.17065v1 [eess.AS]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17065

Cluster trajectory of SOFA score in predicting mortality in sepsis. (arXiv:2311.17066v1 [q-bio.QM]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17066

Deep convolutional encoder-decoder hierarchical neural networks for conjugate heat transfer surrogate modeling. (arXiv:2311.17068v1 [cs.CE]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17068

IG Captioner: Information Gain Captioners are Strong Zero-shot Classifiers. (arXiv:2311.17072v1 [cs.CV]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17072

Practical Layout-Aware Analog/Mixed-Signal Design Automation with Bayesian Neural Networks. (arXiv:2311.17073v1 [cs.LG]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17073

Self-Supervised Learning of Whole and Component-Based Semantic Representations for Person Re-Identification. (arXiv:2311.17074v1 [cs.CV]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17074

Compositional Chain-of-Thought Prompting for Large Multimodal Models. (arXiv:2311.17076v1 [cs.CV]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17076

Combating the "Sameness" in AI Art: Reflections on the Interactive AI Installation Fencing Hallucination. (arXiv:2311.17080v1 [cs.CV]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17080

I-MedSAM: Implicit Medical Image Segmentation with Segment Anything. (arXiv:2311.17081v1 [cs.CV]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17081

DreamPropeller: Supercharge Text-to-3D Generation with Parallel Sampling. (arXiv:2311.17082v1 [cs.CV]) arxiv.org/abs/2311.17082

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