Reliable Interval Prediction of Minimum Operating Voltage Based on On-chip Monitors via Conformalized Quantile Regression .SY .AI .AR .SY

AddBiomechanics Dataset: Capturing the Physics of Human Motion at Scale .CV .AI .GR .RO

VideoQA-SC: Adaptive Semantic Communication for Video Question Answering .IV .CV .AI

TexPainter: Generative Mesh Texturing with Multi-view Consistency .CV .GR

Fully Exploiting Every Real Sample: SuperPixel Sample Gradient Model Stealing .CV .CR

Generative AI Empowered LiDAR Point Cloud Generation with Multimodal Transformer .SP .CV

GS-ROR: 3D Gaussian Splatting for Reflective Object Relighting via SDF Priors .CV .GR

Visual Analysis of Prediction Uncertainty in Neural Networks for Deep Image Synthesis .CV .LG

Demand Analysis and Customized Product Offering Design on E-Commerce Platform .GT

Large Language Models estimate fine-grained human color-concept associations .CV .AI .HC

Model-based Design Tool for Cyber-physical Power Systems using SystemC-AMS .SY .SY

Role of Dependency Distance in Text Simplification: A Human vs ChatGPT Simplification Comparison .CL

CNN-based Compressor Mass Flow Estimator in Industrial Aircraft Vapor Cycle System .SY .SP .LG .SY

Mashee at SemEval-2024 Task 8: The Impact of Samples Quality on the Performance of In-Context Learning for Machine Text Classification .CL

Best Response Sequences and Tradeoffs in Submodular Resource Allocation Games .SY .SY

Deep Learning Approaches for Detecting Adversarial Cyberbullying and Hate Speech in Social Networks .LG .CL .CY

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