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Assessment of cognitive characteristics in intelligent systems and predictive ability. (arXiv:2209.11761v1 [cs.AI])

Towards Auditing Unsupervised Learning Algorithms and Human Processes For Fairness. (arXiv:2209.11762v1 [cs.AI])

Enhancing Claim Classification with Feature Extraction from Anomaly-Detection-Derived Routine and Peculiarity Profiles. (arXiv:2209.11763v1 [cs.LG])

Taking the Intentional Stance Seriously: A Guide to Progress in Artificial Intelligence. (arXiv:2209.11764v1 [cs.AI])

Multistage Large Segment Imputation Framework Based on Deep Learning and Statistic Metrics. (arXiv:2209.11766v1 [cs.LG])

Mental arithmetic task classification with convolutional neural network based on spectral-temporal features from EEG. (arXiv:2209.11767v1 [eess.SP])

sMolBoxes: Dataflow Model for Molecular Dynamics Exploration. (arXiv:2209.11771v1 [q-bio.QM])

A direct time-of-flight image sensor with in-pixel surface detection and dynamic vision. (arXiv:2209.11772v1 [cs.CV])

Decomposition horizons: from graph sparsity to model-theoretic dividing lines. (arXiv:2209.11229v1 [cs.DM])

A Trio-Method for Retinal Vessel Segmentation using Image Processing. (arXiv:2209.11230v1 [eess.IV])

Hierarchical Graph Convolutional Network Built by Multiscale Atlases for Brain Disorder Diagnosis Using Functional Connectivity. (arXiv:2209.11232v1 [eess.IV])

Assessing Robustness of EEG Representations under Data-shifts via Latent Space and Uncertainty Analysis. (arXiv:2209.11233v1 [eess.SP])

Artificial Intelligence in Material Engineering: A review on applications of AI in Material Engineering. (arXiv:2209.11234v1 [cs.LG])

XF2T: Cross-lingual Fact-to-Text Generation for Low-Resource Languages. (arXiv:2209.11252v1 [cs.CL])

3DPCT: 3D Point Cloud Transformer with Dual Self-attention. (arXiv:2209.11255v1 [cs.CV])

Computational Discovery of Energy-Efficient Heat Treatment for Microstructure Design using Deep Reinforcement Learning. (arXiv:2209.11259v1 [cond-mat.mtrl-sci])

Piercing Diametral Disks Induced by Edges of Maximum Spanning Tree. (arXiv:2209.11260v1 [cs.CG])

The Microsoft System for VoxCeleb Speaker Recognition Challenge 2022. (arXiv:2209.11266v1 [cs.SD])

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