Reuters - The US military launched a clandestine program amid the COVID crisis to discredit China’s Sinovac inoculation – payback for Beijing’s efforts to blame Washington for the pandemic.

'The computerization of everything, from tractors to toothbrushes, has compelled fervent activism under the banner of “right to repair.” Advocates aim to secure a universal legal right for consumers to modify and repair the things they own, including tools used in essential activities, like growing food.'

After years in academia I no longer floss every single day for my dental health, I floss every single day so someone will compliment me on what a great job I'm doing twice a year

Research Associate/Staff Scientist, Schroeder Lab

UT Southwestern

The Schroeder lab is hiring a research associate! Join a team of passionate evolutionary cell biologists at UT Southwestern.

See the full job description on jobRxiv:

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Brits ask “A penny for your thoughts?” and Americans respond with “Just my two cents”. At current exchange rates ($1.00 = £0.80) this means Brits are receiving 1.6p of American thoughts for just 1p. In this paper we propose an alternative asset pricing model for the marketplace of ideas, considering—

Our latest #preprint explains why fitness can be defined in so many ways, and which version(s) you should use when. Fitness quantifies what #NaturalSelection favors. @gdoulcier #EvolGenPaper #Evolution 1/

I believe that in order to stay sane during a #PhD, we need a hobby that allows us to relax our minds.

I love drawing and painting scientific illustrations, and I'm very proud to be featured in this month's SciArt profile of @the_node!

#sciart #illustration #PhDlife

It takes most students a long time to learn HOW/HOW NOT to cite (e.g., "In a 2020 study, Jones (2020) found that water is wet, which was also found later...").

This is one of the better refs I've found giving students advice beyond punctuation/formatting.

Professors: you can use yt-dlp to download YouTube videos and add them to directly your presentations.

I've seen so many lectures get derailed by an embedded YouTube video breaking in PowerPoint. Or they minimize their presentation, open up a browser and navigate to YouTube (revealing embarrassing personal recommendations), then make a lecture hall full of people sit through an ad for some fly-by-night home security system or whatever.

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@futurebird Someone once told me "It's not Kafkaesque to wake up an insect. If you wake up an insect and your first thought is that this might make you late for work...*that* is Kafkaesque." That completely changed my perspective on a lot of things.

Imagine if every time you looked up anything in the Yellow Pages or encyclopedia, there was this big section at the top of the page called "Notes from Gary" where some guy named Gary who seems to know about 20% less than the average person just sorta gets to say whatever he wants about the subject, no matter how irrelevant it is.

This is what it's like to use Google now.

"...I recommend this job to anyone who is looking for a dynamic, fast-paced work environment."

OK listen. Doll.

NO ONE is looking for a dynamic, fast-paced work environment in 2024. We are exhausted. Get in your DeLorean and take that attitude back to 1984.

The first few messages that humanity received from the Galactics were surprisingly articulate and erudite. However, over time the weird inconsistencies added up enough that humanity gradually realized that they were talking to a Galactic chatbot.

Thus began the Great Crusade against the Galactics.


In a new paper, published today in Current Biology, we analyse the genome of renowned composer Ludwig van Beethoven using a polygenic index related to musicality, as a way to illustrate the limits of genetic predictions at the individual level. Beethoven, one of the most celebrated musicians in history, scored unremarkably, ranking between the 9th & 11th percentile based on modern samples. We explain why this is no surprise & how it can provide a valuable teaching moment on the complex relationships between DNA & behaviour.
An interdisciplinary collaboration across two Max Planck Institutes (Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen & Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt), University of Amsterdam, Karolinska Institute, Vanderbilt University and others.
#MastodonScience #science #music #genetics #genomics
@mpi_nl @maxplanckgesellschaft

The good news is, if you thought Twitter's descent into Musk-filled madness might be detrimental to your efforts to get other scientists to cite your work, fear not. In this regard, Twitter was not actually that useful.

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Our minimal MAP (i.e., microtubule associated protein) - the starPEG-KA7 peptide (see is going places, er..., biomolecules🧬 !

New work by the Göpfrich (Heidelberg) and Kierfeld (Dortmund) labs shows that starPEG-KA7 deployed on DNA filaments facilitates the formation of DNA rings that are able to contract upon heat or molecular crowding cues:

#actinmyosin #synbio #artificialcell

@MCDuncanLab @debivort

In case anyone's still invested in this, in the end, the overnight soak in 50% ethanol followed by a gentle push with a needle is all it took to dislodge the glass.

Patience turned out to be a key ingredient (as it often is:)).

I really loved all the troubleshooting tips I got. Going to post stuff like this more frequently.

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