If you want to know how the #COP28 UN Climate Change Conference is going, this post says it all...

In 2022 and 2023 we published articles highlighting different opinions on the collection of whole animal specimens for #museums: plos.io/3jV8I1Z and plos.io/3NSTx9x

Now, the debate continues... plos.io/3uqI3m5 and plos.io/47wYlJ2

Fantastic MattersMicrobial podcast with Mark O. Martin and @vscooper discussing the “EvolvingSTEM” curriculum. Students evolve Pseudomonas fluorescens by transferring beads each day, witnessing visible divergence of plated colonies over the course of a week.

Podcast: youtu.be/p8tdy_xg-ng?si=HItc50
EvovlingSTEM: evolvingstem.org/how-it-works/

Happy Caturday!!

May you find a fuzzy shelf right next to the hot air vent on a chilly Caturday.


Firefox is officially and directly fucking with Google and I am here for it!

I drew this in 2020, posted it on the birdsite, and it went viral (at least by my standards!), earning me 250 new followers.

It shows how much battery various stars would have left if they had battery indicators like phones do. #MastoArt

Fantastic new resource for #microbiology and #protist enthusiasts from @pjkeelinglab

This #PLOSBiology Essay has freely available technical diagrams, thumbnails and an illustrated tree to highlight the diversity of microbial life.


Openly available #illustrations as tools to describe #eukaryotic #microbial #diversity

Beautiful and extremely useful #open #resource from Yana Eglit and @pjkeelinglab depicting eukaryotic microbes in exquisite detail.

Aren’t they lovely? Which is your favorite?


@KatrinaVelle is an incredible scientist and supportive mentor! If you are interested in cell migration, pathogenesis, or googly eyes, this is the lab for you!


I am actively recruiting students for my lab at UMass Dartmouth!

Are you interested in a project on actin, amoebae, cell migration, and/or pathogenesis? Send me an email & apply to the Integrative Biology PhD program by Jan 15!

Please RT
More info: katrinavelle.wixsite.com/scien

@soliman I'm not a big fan of CC-BY-ND (attribution, no derivatives) licenses, but that's one of the options when you submit a paper to biorxiv. As I understand it, if you submit with an ND license, then @biorxivpreprint must ask for your permission to create those summaries.

And as it's data linked to your name, there's a possibility it falls under the right to rectification/erasure of GDPR for people who log in from the EU.

What guarantees do we have that the new @biorxivpreprint AI-generated summaries are never misrepresenting the contents of the paper?

Why not at least offer authors the possibility to write their own summaries / edit those produced by the algorithm?

(In other words, thanks, I hate it, and I'm not looking forward to "new applications of these tools in the coming months".)


My colleagues recently published a paper on #apoptosis in the #drosophila dorsal #epidermis. They have shown that two factors can predict #cell #extrusion and apoptosis. Cell size sensed by #hippo and relative cell size (compared to neighbors) sensed by #notch


Profoundly relieved to see this one finally out there! I'll do an explainer thread soon, but just happy to be (hopefully) almost done with it now...


Hey, it's my tooterversary!

Thanks to all the great people I've met in the last year! I've loved learning about your hobbies, and foibles, and hearing some perspectives that make this less of an echo chamber.

I support my instance to keep this community going and I encourage you to do so too.

My conversation with Zeb Miletsky about his book Before Busing about the Black freedom struggle in Boston:


We have a new paper out!

We looked at vesicle transport in cells. The textbooks say it's all motor-driven, but this idea is based on how large organelles are transported. Instead we find small vesicles move mainly by diffusion! We came up with a way to restrict the diffusion of one vesicle type (we made them furry!) & that reduces cargo delivery.

Congrats to my co-author Méghane Sittewelle who did all the imaging magic!


#CellBiology #MembraneTrafficking #Microscopy

@MCDuncanLab @IPEdmonton it makes sense to me that qualitative evaluations would be especially useful in this context!

What do recommend people consider when they have to respond to the quantitative/multiple-choice-ranking sort of questions? It sounds like some kind of honesty (lack of exaggeration?) is valued, but answering anything other than like “among my top students” also feels super reductive and prone to bias.

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