Related to Supercon, look what arrived today, @adistuder ...

@baldengineer different model than mine, but the high voltage icon looks promising 📺

@adistuder It was maybe $15 shipped. So I figured I'd find something in it that I like.

@baldengineer I have 4 camcorder carcasses to dispose 🙈 also still need to publish my viewfinder project on GitHub

@baldengineer @adistuder Ah. I thought I spied a DV logo on it. But it's late and I'm tired and I've been staring at Ataris all night so.... 🤣

@48kRAM No judgement! I didn’t even pay attention to form factor. @adistuder showed me a cool project he made with a view finder, so I wanted to play with one of those.

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