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Elektor US using a crappy AI generated image as cover 🤢

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Thur 4/25 Stream: Soldering a logic analyzer adapter for the CERBERUS 2100. New stream setup, who dis?


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The new #Pocket386 is keeping it real with the #PicoGUS Femto! It plugged right in and was ready to rock right away. Playing Keep it Real by Soda7, the massive track from the Deep Meet Amiga demo released at Revision 2024

Thursday, 4/4 Stream: Back to the TRS-80 MC-10 Grind. Let's *finish this* schematic! Come ask KiCad questions. Stump me and earn 100 internet points. youtube.com/live/Ig94JM3rbs4

This was a tough video to make, but I need to address a piece of misinformation about my electronics past. youtube.com/watch?v=MxEOmRKlXg

Thur 3/28 Stream: Let's finish re-drawing the Macintosh SE Analog Board in KiCad! Final live stream (for me!) youtube.com/live/4RssK_uP-RA

When I was in High School, 30 years ago, we learned how to do mail merges.

Did this stop getting taught?

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#CircuitPython 9.0.1 released

This is a bug fix release. Notable changes include:
- Implement socket SO_REUSEADDR on Pico W.
- Turn off warnings about displayio name changes introduced in 9.0.0.


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More CircuitPython capacitive touch sensing madness w/ the Pico. Now I can do touch sliders and touch wheels. Is this board interesting to anyone else, should I put it in my Tindie store?
#CircuitPython #CapacitiveTouch #RaspberryPiPico

Thur 3/21 Stream: Macintosh SE Analog Board in KiCad! Re-drawing for the Bit Preserve project. Come Say Hi!


While working on the Mega IIe, I saw this "glitch" on the Apple II PH0 clock. Here's what it is, how to measure it, and why it happens.


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150mAh LiPo arrived, is tiny. I also ordered some LIR1254 65mAh* and LIR1654 110mAh* rechargeable Li-Ion coin cell batteries, cannot wait for them to arrive!
* alleged capacity ratings, we'll see 😆

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Completed my wooden rack for the #commodore trinity. Internally mounted socket strip means whole lot powered by 1 plug. Used chrome car trim to finish off the edges.

Thur Livestream 3/7: Let's FINALLY finish the TRS-80 MC-10 Schematic in KiCad. Really, I think we're going to get it done today! youtube.com/live/RBYO6NnoO78

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Learn to use #ngspice in KiCad 8 with Holger Vogt, the lead developer of ngspice


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GitHub is struggling to contain an ongoing attack that’s flooding the site with millions of code repositories. These repositories contain obfuscated malware that steals passwords and cryptocurrency from developer devices, researchers said.

The malicious repositories are clones of legitimate ones, making them hard to distinguish to the casual eye. An unknown party has automated a process that forks legitimate repositories, meaning the source code is copied so developers can use it in an independent project that builds on the original one. The result is millions of forks with names identical to the original one that add a payload that’s wrapped under seven layers of obfuscation. To make matters worse, some people, unaware of the malice of these imitators, are forking the forks, which adds to the flood.

“Most of the forked repos are quickly removed by GitHub, which identifies the automation,” Matan Giladi and Gil David, researchers at security firm Apiiro, wrote Wednesday. “However, the automation detection seems to miss many repos, and the ones that were uploaded manually survive. Because the whole attack chain seems to be mostly automated on a large scale, the 1% that survive still amount to thousands of malicious repos.”


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We❣️our supporters! KiCad is driven by the designers, engineers, makers and YOU that collectively define our community.

As a thank you for our sustaining members that make monthly donations, KiCad Services is sponsoring the 2024 Supporter t-shirt. donate.kicad.org

Thur 2/29 Stream: Let's (Finally!) Finish re-drawing the TRS-80 MC-10 schematic in KiCad 8.0.0. youtube.com/live/OBL6ZMtjnew

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