Sun 11/27 Stream: Attempting to repair a non-working Game Gear. (We already re-capped it.)

Does macOS have a generic USBTMC driver?

Is it really a Black Friday special if the price is offered “all month long?”
Also, is it the holiday season if someone doesn’t point this out each year?

A special guest star joins me to help explain how to generate Bode Plots from measurements...

Other than the direction electrons move, are there any other "wait, wut?" moments to realize about electronics?

In Windows, pyvisa cannot see USBTMC devices. In Linux, I can see them fine, but one just randomly stops responding.

Fortunately, it seems like LAN works most of the time.

(It's all made easier if you use NI-VISA, but after reading its licensing, you cannot use it when you are not working with either NI hardware or software...)

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If I spend anymore time with pyvisa and USBTMC, I'm going to have even less hair on my head than I do.

80% of the time spent writing instrument automation code is getting to the first success *IDN?.

Sun 11/20 Stream: Sega Game Gear Recapping / repair. We're replacing the "surface mount" electrolytics with actual surface mount capacitors. We've got three to repair.

Why does everything have to be so weird?

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Here's a roundup of @EdgeImpulse-friendly computer vision boards to help you cut through the noise and pick the best option for your needs:

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11/11 Live Stream: Finish the (electrical) part of the PCB. What PCB? A 2022 holiday ornament: NFTy GIFty.

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