Mega IIe: An Apple IIe-compatible computer build around the Mega-II chip from an Apple IIGS.

I streamed this project for a couple of years.

Here's the final video.

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Anyway, if your firm is looking for a competent Linux engineer, I'm eagerly waiting for someone, anybody, to give me a chance.

If not, at least a boost would be appreciated.

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This talk on restoring the Apollo Guidence Computer given by Marc is the one I looked most forward to… and it did not disappoint!

These surfaces borrow concepts from Orgami to fold into different shapes.

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Check out these “Robotic Surfaces” presented by Jesse Gonzalez. The bubbles are individually controlled. (You can see some demos here: These are built with a layer-by-layer design with a PCB as a base.

Pierce Nicols shows off Pathfinder: A robot prototype that sails. It started with laser cut plywood, 3d printed parts, and RC model components. Then we learned about what changed.

Dr. Prutchi shows how armatures can participate pin deep space exploration by receiving signals from spacecraft. (and compares it to watching blades of grass grow, lol.)

Oh yeah. THIS GUY talked about some weird Apple II project at .

Nathan Jones is expertly explaining how last year’s badge, the Voja4, is more than just a blinky toy—its a full computer.

@aleksorsist updates on Thunderscope - a high-speed open-source oscilloscope that streams samples over Thunderbolt / USB Gen 3. Amazing work from an ever growing team of people and projects.

“No plan survives the contact with the enemy. ” Szymon and Jakub talk about the challenges of building a non-invasive blood pressure measurement device and then porting it to Zephyr RTOS at

Learning about $5 MCUs for wireless hacking from @AlexLynd with his various WiFi projects (mostly ESP based.)

At @hackadaysupercon, @pluralistic kicks off with a talk about How the Internet *used* to be good.

Thur Nov 2 Stream: Let's finish the Apple II+ Schematic in KiCad! (And then I'm headed to Supercon!)

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