Thur 2/1: Redrawing the TRS-80 MC-10 Schematic in KiCad 8 RC2!

We repaired one of these on-stream a couple of years ago. Now it is time to add its schematic to the Bit Preserve archive.

@tth @baldengineer actually, for once it's the other way round: the MC10 is a clone of the French computer.

@mmu_man @baldengineer @tth look at the keyboard matrix of the Alice and you will immediately see that it is the clone.
The MC-10 wired the keyboard in alphabetical order to simplify the software. The Alice switched some keys to get an azerty keyboard, so now the hardware key order is: QBCDEFGH...

Later on, Matra made the Alice 32 and 90 where they replaced the video chip with an ef9345 (of Minitel fame), added a built-in assembler, more RAM, and a prettier looking machine with proper keyboard.

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