Got Windows 3.1 installed in DOSBOX-X with 256 color VGA and SB16 support, all so I can install and play the original version of The Journeyman Project

@48kRAM Your DOSBOX is better than my actual DOS computer when I was a kid.

@baldengineer Same. I had a 386DX/25 at one house and a 386SX/16 at the other. Both with 4 megs of RAM. That 60meg HDD on the SX though.... that was rough


@48kRAM lol. I had a 386SX/16 with 2 megs RAM and only 40 meg HDD. Eventually, we got a CD-ROM, but I didn't have a sound card until I built a 486 with the money I earned washing dishes.

@baldengineer I didn't get a sound card until my Pentium that I took to college. PC speaker sounds for me!

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