"Conservatives are less able to distinguish political truths from falsehoods than liberals, mainly because of a glut of right-leaning misinformation, a new national study conducted over six months shows.

Researchers found that liberals and conservatives in the United States both tended to believe claims that promoted their political views, but that this more often led conservatives to accept falsehoods while rejecting truths.

One of the main drivers of the findings appeared to be the American media and information environment."

@barefootstache hm. It's complicated by the fact that they hand picked items to survey, and what did they hand pick? 🤣

Two-thirds (65%) of the high-engagement true statements were characterized as benefiting liberals, while only 10% of accurate claims were considered beneficial to conservatives. On the other side, 46% of falsehoods were rated as advantageous to conservatives, compared to 23% of false claims benefiting liberals.

Looks like a pretty stacked deck to me. Looks from this like the survey ended up : 7 out of 8 of these true statements align with liberal talking points. Meanwhile 5 of these 7 false things are false and align with with conservative taking points. We're shocked, shocked I tell you that when surveyed people agree with stacked headlines that align with their preexisting bias.

@barefootstache conservatives are cucks in general tbh. Anyways, thanks for linking the study.

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