Not seen this before -- most of the components are in paper bags. Anti-static is reserved for the microcontroller and serial->usb

New package direct from Italy (is there an Arduino account to tag?)

So @Raspberry_Pi just spun up a @Mastodon instance. I talk about why we're doing it, and (the fun bit) how we did it. Because it's running on a Pi in the Sky☁️ on a #RaspberryPi 4 with #IPv6 only networking hosted at @beasts. #RaspberryPi is now part of the #TwitterMigration.

I’ve managed to get the app working. We’re off guys. This is going to be amazing. I have no idea what to do

So given we've spent most of the last couple of days spinning a new @raspberry_pi instance, I guess it's #Introduction time.

I'm Liz. I'm a founder of #RaspberryPi, and I'm Chief Marketing and Communications officer here: if you see our company producing anything with words, pictures or video in it, my sticky fingers have had some involvement. I'm a former award-winning journalist and editor. I make things, I usually have paint stains somewhere, and I have a pointed dislike of rules.

I need to waterproof a
Raspberry Pi Pico, so I'm planning on pot-ing it in silicone. However, I still need access to the bootsel button. Is this likely to still work underneath silicon? Should I replace the button with something more waterproof and expose it? Should I glue a stick to the button that poke through the silicone?

Any ideas?

It’s interesting that the biggest communication challenge facing Mastodon communities is explaining that it’s basically a protocol and a network of independent, interconnected servers, which is what the Web, e-mail, even DNS and most of the fundamental services we use on the internet are, and always were.
It just illustrates just how much ‘Big Tech’ proprietary social media platforms swallowed up and walled off, if it’s now difficult to explain what the internet actually is!

In my opinion, criticisms of mastodon being unusable by the general public are over blown.

Hey everyone. Just making sure everyone knows that direct messages on here are not end-to-end encrypted. They work more like a post, with visibility set to the person/people you tag.

This means an admin (like me), can read these by looking at the database/in backups.

I promise never to do this.

If that's not good enough (which is fine, obviously), please use something like signal for DMs

p.s. Twitter DMs are also not encrypted and anyone there can read them too.

✨ Hello Fediverse!

If you haven't heard of Pixelfed before, it is the fediverse equivalent to Instagram.

Imagine being able to follow your friends on Twitter from your IG account, on the fediverse you can!

I want to echo what other Mastodon admins are saying: please report any harassment or violative messages you're seeing. Unlike the birdsite, your local admin will likely react quickly -- and you'll make the instance better for everyone, not just yourself.

So... please don't just ignore! Let us know if there's a problem.

I was left unsupervised with a pile of LEDs. Although this doesn't show it very well, they're sound reactive.

I've upgraded my cycling rucksack with a Pico and a whole bunch of LEDs.

Okay let's make a first little Introduction:
Hi, I am Alex, you might already saw me on Twitter, or in real life. Currently living in Munich. Will post mostly about my electronics Projects (PCBs, LEDs...) and occasional Travelling. Here are some nice picture of old projects, expect more and new soon.

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