Important difference between Mastodon and Tωitter :

"Reminder: If you intend to show your timeline a post you like, then use BOOST instead of LIKE/FAVORITE - unlike Twitter, your followers do NOT see a like!"

(thanks @jeff)

@bengoli And I'm so glad I don't see what other people liked. If they cared about it, they'd just boost... I get so tired of Twitter because I barely see my buddies' posts anymore, only what they liked.

@trinsec I totally agree! But this undesirable behavior could be seen as a feature that some ppl rely on, and I thought it was useful to know.

@bengoli Oh sure, it's fine. I'm just giving my piece of mind on how Twitter operates it. :)

@bengoli @jeff
squeeze me but:
If the star is 'like', where is BOOST please?

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