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That’s the simple curl i did. The json response seems intuitive. I will just have to figure out how the others mapped it to the ui.

@trinsec I can get our toots in get request. The guides i found for Hugo seem to be complicated for me(because of the javascript ofcourse). Well enough for the day I’m gonna sleep. If I figure it out i will be adding it to the wowchemy theme and maybe even write another blog😂 addressing my roadblocks.

Okay, this is a test comment to check whether it comes under my blog. Don’t panic!

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Game of Thrones: Who spoke the most, and what?

A simple word cloud from GOT script.

I guess I am due an .

Hello folks,

I am Bevan Stanely. I am finishing my master’s from . For my thesis, I developed a computational model for a social bacteria .

I am preparing for a career change to . The technical stuff in is also quite interesting.

I like it here at . It is much more sociable to my comfort. I am looking forward to smaller but more fulfilling networks. I have a lot of interests, so not gonna bore you with a list.

Cheers to new meaningful connections!!

My eyes!

Bookmarked for my data visualization class.


when you're only allowed 4 figures in the main text


Last week at the Observable Insight 2022 conference, I gave one of my favorite talks to date laying out some key principles (read: life lessons learned) for making the happiest notebooks on Earth:

The video of the talk is now up on YouTube, and of course HTML slides are linked :allthethings:

You can see all resources from the conference in this Observable notebook collection:

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