In all the hoopla about artificial intelligence having answers to all our questions, people forget that asking the right questions has always been the hardest part.

Y'know what would be really nice? If those websites which give you a popup the moment you land on their page, got a report on how many users immediately closed the tab rather than interact with the popup. Especially if that number was a high percentage of all visitors. I'm doing my part.

I don’t know understand the attraction of being able to talk to computers using breezy casual conversational language; I’ve been telling these little digital bastards what to do for decades using extremely precise formalised language and they still get it wrong

I spent a good part of this year investigating Google's ad business. Today we published a story about trying to crack open its black box ad network.

Unlike its competitors, Google conceals nearly all publishers it works with and where billions of ad dollars flow. We found that Google's vast ad network contains manga piracy, porn, fraud and disinformation.

Give it a read:

@tiago It was amusing for me coz that code would give an error that indentation is missing. So not even a function. I wasn’t trying to undermine the string inside.

@tiago the print statement is not part of the function. Indentation is terribly missed.😅

@PipingHotData this seems to be more than a simple SQL join. I think it’s cool.

RT @RorschachProdu1
Aaron Swartz would have been 36 today.

Aaron committed suicide after being sentenced to 35 years in prison by US authorities for transferring and sharing scientific articles from JSTOR.

@moanos Excel can be a pain in the ass with dates. I feel slightly better if I could atleast read the date as string without converting it into the underlying days since whatever excel used. Then i would use string operations to extract the date.

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

@freemo @trinsec I added another link and now it shows verified. I guess rather than doing it periodically, changes to the section is the trigger.

@freemo @trinsec While you’re at it could you also check whether the domain based verification is switched off. I added a link to my profile as suggested to my header. However it’s not verified yet. Did that a couple of days ago. Perhaps you had disabled it because of too many hits. I just wanted to verify this before going for funky emojis.

@trinsec @freemo guys looks like @carlschwan identified the issue. You guys are the admins, so I hope you guys feel motivated enough to figure out a fix😛😛

@freemo @trinsec i think it’s the way I have made the request. One thing i changed in the code was to use the cdn version of dompurify package rather than a local one. But from what I’ve seen the fetching is not done by the package and that’s where the error is happening.

Ha i saw a js library for mastodon but that seemed to require a token.

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