Dear cyanobacteria,
I just want to thank you for all the free oxygen and food you provided when you threw that epic oxygenation party 2.4 billion years ago. Your friend, Mr. binsrc

@binsrc Nice image, thank you!

Give us some link, Inquiring Minds demand to Know. 😉 😜

@design_RG nice to meet you. That is a creative commons image, I'll have to find the link (I've just failed scientific communication 101 haven't I). As soon as I can photograph some of my own I will be certain to share the results of those too.

@binsrc Nice to meet you too!

The image is very pretty, but I had in mind some information link(s) about the cyanobacteria, and the great blooming you mentioned.

Not familiar with them much, would be nice to learn. TY!

@binsrc Very good, thank you for the info. /me adds --> To Read list...

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