One year ago a nation of depressed alcoholics invaded my country of birth. Most of my family lives in the province called Kherson, which is sepated by an isthmus from Crimea. So they saw tanks rolling in from the south even before the invasion was officially declared. Overnight, my entire family has either become a refugee or was destined to suffer foreign military occupation and/or shelling. Because of its proximity and high-level treason (the isthmus was supposed to be heavily mined and impossible), Kherson was the only provincial capital and the westernmost city those genocidal army of pigs managed to hold for more than 6 months since the invasion. It was also the only city on the west bank of Dnieper river they managed to hold. Shortly after the occupation, the nation with the highest HIV and drug abuse of Europe started their campaign of genocide, imposing their language, school curriculum, currency etc... even time zone was changed. War crimes are more like a rule than an exception for those troglodytes so each one had to make a difficult choice of either submit, fight and/or flee the region. I have relatives that fall into each one of these three categories. None of these "choices" are a consolation, believe me. All are tragic in their own way. The village where my grandmother lived is just literally ruins now and she had to cross the war front under fire to escape to safety. This safety is of course relative since her new town has been shelled countless times with hypersonic missiles and drone strikes.

When they announced the "annexation" of Kherson, the population was half of what it was before the war and they didn't even fully control the region. Shortly after, they announced they will retreat. People were relieved too soon, since before the horde of rapists left the city, they looted and robbed every single hospital, museum and business they could loot, destroyed as much of amenities they could and heavily mined the city, the villages nearby and even the fields. They left an empty shell that was once a city of more than half a million people. Kherson is located just to the west of a very wide delta of a river, so the Ruswines retreated to the eastern side and since the retreat, they have been shelling the city EVERY SINGLE DAY without exception. The result is that as of now, it is a ghost city, unlivable. Around the same time, Putler assigned a notorious war criminal as the new commander of this war. It has been a long time since Syria, the bloodthirsty vampire-demon had to quench his thirst for despair and suffering, so he proposed a new tactic: every 2/3 weeks he launches a massive barrage of missiles against the energetic infrastructure of Ukraine. Everything goes, conventional missiles, hypersonic missiles and ballistics and drones. The goal was to collapse the economy, plunge the nation into cold and darkness before the winter and make the people ask their government to surrender. As the result, majority of Ukrainians now live with very limited electricity and some with none at all. Unfortunately, reducing the population to live like medieval peasants is partially successful. But they didn't surrender. Also, one week ago, my uncle's summer home on the east bank of the river was looted, confiscated and now used as accomodations for the enemy troops.

This is where we are right now. As the most documented conflict of the history of mankind, after one year, it's taking its toll on the informational fatigue of the people but I will not give you the satisfaction to forget how fragile our world is and how easily your whole life can turn upside down. The idea that this war could be a reality would be dismissed as ramble of a demented idiot only 10 years ago but here we are... Never underestimate the human stupidity and how easy it is to brainwash people into believing literally anything.

Also, in case someone wants to bitch about my biases, I'll just let you know that ALL my family is Russian-speaking, many of them are monolingual. Even now. Kherson is overwhelmingly Russian-speaking. There is no oppression of people based on language there (or anywhere in Ukraine; even now), and no one ever called the horde of retarded idiots to "liberate" them in that part of Ukraine. They have to fuck off or die. Anything else is grave injustice. If you think anything other than that, you can just go ahead and have a lobotomy, whatever you have inside your head is just a dead weight anyway. You are stupid and gullible, and we are in a time in history when empathizing with stupid and gullible people is very dangerous.

@biomedmax yes, the language lie gets a lot more traction than it deserves

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