I noticed a huge influx of new users which I immediately linked to the Musk/Twitter deal. After all, the second "wave" of newcomers was when Musk just announced his interest in the deal (the first one was after Trump got banned from Twitter). However I also noticed that the majority of the newcomers are scientists/academics and wondered why... Then I found out why... Science Mag wrote a fucking article about Mastodon! 🤣🤣

Not sure how I feel about it though. On one side, I welcome more meaningful content and interesting profiles that are actually "alive". On another hand, Twitter always was an algorithm-centered, biased, privately-owned company so leaving it only NOW is just hypocrisy imho. I feel like most of these newcomers don't really hate biases and censorship, they just hate when right-wingers do it (or even just people they personally perceive as right-wingers). Not to mention, they will quickly realize that the freedom of speech here is arguably more extreme than Twitter will ever have.

In any case, welcome. I am a scientist myself although I'm trying to distance myself from the "academic" dimension of it. Just try not to be insufferable.

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Science Magazine reports on the stampede: "As Musk reshapes Twitter, academics ponder taking flight. Many researchers are setting up profiles on social media site Mastodon."

Ironically (?) the journalists identifies the researchers by their Twitter handle and their Twitter follower count. Revolutions are confusing. 😎

My first choice was to dress up like Dahmer and go to a gay club, but I was informed that unfortunately not everyone has the same sense of humor I have. So here I am, a zombie smurf

Nope, this is a bar! My favorite one in the city from now one.

Infamous Cárcel Modelo, Barcelona. Yes, I do visit weird places, but this one has a lot of history.

A rare opportunity to visit the INSIDE of Torres Venecianas. What a view.

A walk around Sants neighborhood of Barcelona, that I found out used to be a city on its own

Staying at a friend's house for a week and she has a Korean restaurant on the ground floor of the building... Help... I gonna go broke and become fat

This video is from Russian State TV. Friendly reminder that state media is the main information source for 90% of Russians.


Many people remember pre WW2-period as Hitler unilaterally annexing territories left and right. As you can see, it wasn't quite the case. These were international agreement carving Europe in favour of nazis and their allies as an attempt to appease an unhinged genocidal war criminal and his friends.

Carving out of Czechoslovakia was greenlighted by the Western powers. Austria "voluntarily" anschlussed itself to Germany. Splitting Poland in half was a deal between nazis and people who only a couple of years later would lose millions of people fighting for it's liberation from the nazis.

Remember this everytime your politician suggest we have to "save face" of a a certain Ruzzian strongman. History repeats itself but it doesn't have to.

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