What is the "poa.st" instance? Is it an instance specifically made for nazis or is it just a coincidence that 99% of nazis are from that instance? It's also amusing to see how the majority of them combine swastikas with Russian flags, talk about "degeneracy" and decadence while filling their timeline with pedo content, spread white supremacy but have japanese girl cartoons as their profile pics, are all about family values but probably unemployed and uneducated, spending time hailing hitler and jerking off to hetai etc...

Idk I guess the silver lining is that neo-nazis nowadays are far less scary and formidable than in the 40's. I bet 90% of those are angsty teenagers or deadbeat young adults. I want to navigate this fascinating world full of walking contradiction generators. It's one of those things you hate but can't help to be curious about.

Anyways, they got restless recently when I offended one member of their little hive-mind. Also, their insults make so little sense it's hilarious. Apparently their favorite tactic is to spam me with anime girls and calling me a jew.

Hi, veterans of Mastodon. Is there a way of making Tusky display posts only from users of a certain instance? (That is not an instance you registered in)

Elafonissi beach, Crete (🇬🇷). It is advertised as havink pink sand. In reality it's just... "pinkish"

For a long time, I've been waiting for any Ruzzian official addressing this elephant in the room; the painfully obvious inconsistency that even the dumbest ruscist would have noticed eventually. And the result is as dumb as I imagined it. The Orwellian shade of the Russian aggression keeps spreading and will soon obfuscate any tiny ray of rationality in that filthy empire.

A message to anyone migrating from Twitter this week: you are hypocrite as ffffuuk. If you were concerned about free speech, you would have migrated when the incumbent president of the US was banned from the platform. And before you start mumbling about violence incitement, remember twitter refused to ban the spokesperson of the Taliban and Ayatollah of Iran who literally tweets shit like "Let's nuke Israel". Fuck you.

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I mean dude is a genius but he might be the cringiest and most socially awkward person on Earth (and soon on Mars hopefully xD). The dead silence after the ultimate dad jike makes the cringe reach cosmic proportions ahaha

I think nowadays, the majority of us knows that there is something alarming with how social media affects our lives, yet doesn't really know how to express it. This post is my attempt to express it.

I would recommend everyone to see the documentary "Social Dilemma" BUT watch this video right afterwards as it sums up perfectly my criticism of the half-assed job the documentary does in explaining the phenomena. I am a strong believer that virtual world will be each time more and more intertwined with our real world experience and as an obvious conclusion, I think that raising awareness of how this interplays shapes our politics and communities is a paramount task. That is why I was very hyped when I discovered there is such a documentary in a streaming service with such a global reach. However, after watching it, I quickly became disappointed with how empty and full of platitudes it was. Allow me to elaborate:

The film correctly identifies the problem: the algorithms that learn more and more about our psychology to weaponise it against us to generate revenue. How is it done? By knowing us better, it can make us stay at their platform longer; this is by showing us the content that would maximise our interest and engagement... by exposing us to content we already are biased towards engaging with. This creates a huge digital eco-chamber and the effect is terrifying. Me and you, we can begin using the same service and being subscribed to exactly the same pages and content creators, but the posts that are fed to us will be slowly optimised until, in after some time, we will be fed a completely different combination of information. You can end up forming an image of the world that is completely nonsensical to my brain and vice-versa... despite having access to exactly the same news and propaganda sources.

So if they correctly expose this dilemma, what is my problem with it? Well, the absolutely dumb "potential solutions" that they pitch in there. They range from stereotypical boomer opinions of restricting your kids from using a smartphone until certain age until moronic comparisons such as "we should outlaw targeted advertisements just like we outlawed slavery and human trafficking". There is a silicon-valley dudebro who wants to make companies to pay taxes on each bit of data they gather. According to them, the big tech corrupts democracy and creates civil war but unless they pay a little bit of money to the government, it will suddenly be OK.

What I wrote above is just a rant about stupid opinions. But these aren't new. But here is something new, very suspicious and disturbing: a solution to big tech already exists. They are decentralised, privacy-focused apps and services that either work out of pure philanthropy or by donations and that DON'T build a personal profile of you. There was nothing said about these solutions and I refuse to believe it was because of ignorance. These are people working in silicon valley, saying they are tech savvy is an understatement. So the question is WHY they omitted mentioning practical solution to a feared social dilemma?


My GF's cat thinks he is a better art piece than the ballerina or the Vienna Orchestra playing in the background

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