My GF's cat thinks he is a better art piece than the ballerina or the Vienna Orchestra playing in the background

My first painting following Bob Ross' tutorial. My parents got me acrylic painting kit for Christmas :)

Trip to Strasbourg with my parents. A French city historically under German rule with a unique culture and architecture. Unfortunately COVID rules are so restrictive it kind of kills the joy of travelling a little bit.

European Parliament in Strasbourg. It was closed for visitors unfortunately...

I made a small trip to Malta. One of the most picturesque places I've been to. Def will come back. The horsies is because it was their "National Day"

Stopped for a sandwich mid-hike and this dog just sits in front of me and stares at my food.

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Sooo part of my crypto funds were stolen and I have no idea how. But obviously the hackers have the credentials to my wallet (exodus). I really don't recommend using wallets (or any other important app) without 2FA (Exodus doesn't have an option for 2FA which is super weird). The hackers knew it as they also tried to steal my funds from Coinbase where 2FA is optional but luckily was activated. I know they tried because I received a log in confirmation code from Coinbase on the day of the hack. But they didn't even try Binance (where 2FA is mandatory). In summary, no 2FA, not your coins.

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Festival of Light in BCN. Not nearly as good as the last pre-covid edition...

It is insane how advanced the natural language processing is in AI. I work in a lab focusing on development of treatment for Huntington's disease. Once my boss fed the following prompts to to the GPT-2 (GPT-3 is not yet open source, or at least it wasn't when he did it): "Huntington's disease is" or "We can cure Huntington's disease by". The results were spectacularly coherent but most things were factually wrong. He then compared it to something that happened to AlphaGo: AlphaGo is an AI trained to play Go, a board game very popular in Asia and much more complex in terms of available combinations than chess. During one of the games, it made a move that everyone thought was erroneous "rookie mistake" but it ended up being crucial for the victory in retrospect. My boss told me: "What if just like in a game of Go, GPT model will one day output us an idea so silly that we just discard it as nonsensical, but that in reality would lead to a cure?".

Friendly reminder that every major superpower on the planet is becoming increasingly authoritarian and the most authoritarian of them all has supersonic nuclear missiles that renders every antimisile system on earth obsolete.

Went to a tribute to Ludovico Enaldi concert yesterday.

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