This morning, a dam in Kherson, where most of my family comes from, was blown up, creating the worst human-made ecological catastrophe in the region since Chernobyl. As a result, 16000 people lost their homes, a dozen of towns and villages were wiped out, including a chunk of Kherson city. A huge part of Ukraine, including Crimea will lose its main source of water, the nearby nuclear power plant, the biggest one in Europe loses its ability to cool off the reactors. Local zoo was completely destroyed killing all the animals in it except the swans. Due to the flooding of a cemetery, it is feared that chances of disease outbreaks will rise. Also, because ruzzians left many minefields before retreating from the right bank of the river, these mines are now being washed away by the influx of water and will end up randomly scattered along the river bank. All of this happened in less than ONE DAY. It is not even the peak of flooding yet. Also, as I mentioned before, Kherson is being shelled by the ruschists EVERY SINGLE DAY since they retreated to the left bank of the river. Today was no exception. They shelled the city WHILE this tragedy was unfolding, WHILE people were being evacuated from the affected areas.

Russwines are like reverse Midas. Everything they touch turns into shit. I swear, everywhere they go, they bring hopelessness, despair, corruption and destruction. Absolute scum on Earth.

And here comes UN, rushing to not let us forget about the Orwellian nature of our geopolitical reality: they found it appropriate to remind us that today is "russian language day". Russian was the first language I learned and the one I use to communicate with my family, we are all phasing it out since everything that is remotely related to those genocidal orcs reminds us of how rotten this world really is.

"We thought we hit rock-bottom but then we heard someone knocking from below"
- a russian proverb that is as applicable to them today as it was yesterday and as it will be a century from now.

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